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Based on numerology and astrology, one card is all you need with this one of deck designed for short-term guidance!

Learn what you need to do right here, right now for instant breakthroughs when in need of guidance or feeling overwhelmed

Game CHanger Deck Companion ebook

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$5.00AUD (Digital Download)

This ebook is an easy reference for knowing WHEN things will happen or open up, when you pick a card from the Game Changer.

This companion book to the Game Changer Deck is not only a quick way for you to access your inner wisdom, any place, any time – but a means to know both the WHAT to do and WHEN it will happen with one card!


expanded numerology ebook cover thegamechangerhelp lydie cerantola-eid

$33.33AUD (Digital Download)

So many people have been wondering what the meaning is for the numbers and times they keep on seeing on digital clocks, number plates and even groceries receipts...

They look for answers online but don’t always find it at all, or their findings are not substantial enough.

The quest for meaning shouldn’t be that hard; precise answers and clear messages are the trademark of perceptive insights.

This is what Expanded Numerology delivers: the exact meanings for the 1440 minutes in a day so you can follow the nudges of the helpful guidance from above.

Expanded Numerology is the guidebook for a happier and more fulfilling life where everything effortlessly starts making sense. Learning and understanding the meanings of numbers has never been easier!