Hopeful vs Taking Action

By Lydie Cerantola-Eid

May 11, 2020

I remember being 3-4 years old and feeling frightened by the noise of thunder - jolted awake in the middle of the night from the noise and the lightening bolts, unable to stay in bed or physically process the overwhelming spikes of my nervous system.

The living room was a place where it felt less worse than in my bedroom and I would tilt the curtains to watch a bit to anticipate the next one coming; the light wasn’t too difficult to bear with but the sound was. The combination of the two wasn’t something my developing brain could analyze and rationalize by itself then.

It took a few years and reading mythologies to know that thunder had been a revered force of nature portrayed as gods – Zeus & Thor. Did you know the fierce Gaul tribe was terrified of the sky falling on their heads? Talk about an irrational belief in grown men!

I easily picture my younger self, in her flannel long night dress with big yellow and orange flowers, and remember my energies going back in time and talking to her as soon as I recognized it was a normal but loud natural disturbance. Self-coaching does work! I smile over that understated capacity we all have to rewire the scared younger self we used to be.

Is there an exception to this? Yes, there is. I have noticed in my line of work some people seem not to get a grip on themselves – their body is ageing but they have been caught up in a deep emotional and physical experience that has bound them to a certain age, usually very young. Their self has become fragmented and they can’t process the present… Everything is being viewed through the mental lens of a very young child. And their reactions are consistent with that, including the awareness; usually very limited, if at all present. So, they still have a childlike enthusiasm for the shining object syndrome and easily feel down or depressed, just to bounce back briefly with something exciting.

When well-meaning professionals say fear is the acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real, I disagree… There is a lot more to the whole picture! And there is as well much hope for those who have experienced not getting the expected results. The concept of telling people they are not trying hard enough isn’t addressing the issue when they are not equipped to do better than they actually can. The sooner we acknowledge that, the more progress we can actually make. Some people need more time, more support – and that’s OK.

We all are work in progress; the main thing is to keep on going forward. And with the bewildering times we live in, we can’t ignore we are pressured into feeling fearful. So, what acronym will it be for you?

A - Feel Energized And Run

B – Forget Empathy And Recluse

C – Freedom, Expression, Assertion, Reformation

D – Fright, Extrapolation, Archaism, Relic

E – Make your own & surprise me!

🙂 I’d love to hear your comments about this long post.

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