The concealed truth of intuition

The concealed truth of intuition

By Lydie Cerantola-Eid

April 21, 2019

We've been fed the Jungian iceberg of consciousness for just under a century. It's been great to explain the model of consciousness of that the time - and was short of the numerous psychological and physiological studies done since.

Let's take neuromarketing, which arose as a concept in the 1990s when Harvard researchers were making strides in neuroscience. Neuromarketing is the science of determining how a person will respond mentally and physically to various factors. The thoughts we perceive are only a small part of the brain’s activity. Our activity and awareness only registers about 10% of what’s really going on deeper in the mind. Why does it matter? Because no matter how much in depth scanners and MRi look into our brains, they can’t tell us exactly what to do. So, all brain science is NOT predictive but rather, suggestive.

Why do we crave predictability? To assuage or relieve fears, anxieties, and provide a reassuring frame of expectancy that helps the mind coping with pressure. A quick Google search on card readings on Youtube returns over 3 million results - and the numbers are growing by the year; search for the number of online intuition courses and you'll get over 18 million. Which bring us back on point with this article.

Intuition is as natural as breathing - or at least, it should be. So, why are there so many courses to bring us back to our instincts? Information overload has been saturating our nervous system since the Internet curated content flows out of every device we use (yes, the mobile phones too) and tirelessly advertises what we should know about everything. Click this link to the top 5 tips to saving money; this weird cheap trick erases wrinkles and removes 15 years off your face, etc... Constantly bombarded with info, we have lost touch with the natural flow of our intuition as we are preyed upon our fears of missing out and being left behind. Not so great for us, as we then go into the vicious circle of knowing more and disconnecting us further from our intuition.

We are emotional creatures with a logical brain; both of these have their own dialogues and narratives. Intuition's voice speaks to us silently; no wonder we can't hear it anymore! So, switch off the excess of colorful stuff trying to get your attention; be mindful to where you invest your attention, time and energy. If in doubt, ask yourself: does this help me build myself, or someone else?

You can take a course if you wish; or just reconnect with your intuition by remaining still inside - ignoring doubts, preferences and concerns. That's where your most precious asset is and where it will reveal itself - in the silent temple within.

One more important note: intuition can't function out of thin air. So, if you don't know anything about a subject, you may form an educated guess - but that's not intuition. And when your fears have been triggered, there's no more inner peace in your heart; you will either be reactive, defensive or deflated - locked up within the loops of past events replaying in your mind like a scratched disk.

Use Arya's dance teacher's mantra in Game of Thrones: "NOT TODAY!" and receive your intuition's message.