Struggling emotionally? Learn how to shape your emotional landscape

Struggling emotionally? Learn how to shape your emotional landscape

By Lydie Cerantola-Eid

September 16, 2019

Emotions are these weird, wonderful and sometimes terrifying gusts of wind-like energy that shake you, warm you or overwhelm you.

Let’s face it when you feel them all constantly to the fullest, life is a roller coaster! And when you tune them down, you don’t feel alive – and that’s not to say you are depressed, but rather REPRESSED. And avoiding feelings because they are difficult for you just create more difficulties as time passes you by.

I’m not going to talk about depression or even anxiety; that’s pointless. What does get you out of that deep groove is moving in a different direction. So, you first have to DECIDE what you are going to do right here right now; there’s always something you can do – including taking deeper breaths.

Then, calm your mind. Overthinking is what got you there; more of it simply digs you further down the groove. Simple, but effective, right?

Next, choose to do ONE thing differently. Ban to-do lists, and surround yourself with positive and supportive people. If you don’t have enough around you, talk on forums or any social media - without having a bad case of verbal diarrhea.

Be curious as to what other people enjoy and you enjoy too – small things such as reading, fishing, golfing, swimming, knitting or gardening. That will help you be in a better emotional state.

Bit by bit, unravel your thoughts by asking genuine open-ended questions that have been at the back of your mind. Listen to the answers you get, and reciprocate in kind. That’s how you establish an actual connection with others – and recreate a better one with yourself.

Everyone has an opinion and is entitled to have it - SO DO YOU... YOU MATTER as much as the next person. And the sooner you let that fact fill you, the sooner you will progress in giant strides :)

Need a hand in knowing and dealing with your emotions? Sure, just send me a message :)

I wish you many brilliant insights and much pleasure in creating a brilliant new reality!