Are beliefs everything?

Are beliefs everything?

By Lydie Cerantola-Eid

February 4, 2020

I keep on reading pretty much everywhere on the internet how beliefs condition everything we do – and that by changing beliefs at an unconscious or subconscious level (NLP, hypnotherapy, EMDR, EFT,...) we can fix pretty much everything.

The thing is I've been a hypnotherapist for nearly a decade now and my way forward has been to put forward a hypothesis and prove myself wrong. The reason I’ve been doing this is I wasn’t born with good health and for the past quarter-century I have been on a path of self-education with regular courses, diplomas and certifications as well as directed self-learning to develop a holistic view.

My observations and research on HOW the below elements work independently yet are linked as a whole is the point of this post:

- the physiological body (the hardware)

- field of consciousness (consider it the operating system)

- behaviours (software running on the running operating system) interact.

The body can achieve a lot more than the medical field gives it credit for... Doctors and specialists will tell you what they know (through years of learning from past observations – not the possibilities you can achieve. How could they tell you what they don’t know when they are given full authority to claim they know best and are back up by scientists? Their diagnostic has gospel value for many. But remember, they usually never suffered the ailment(s) you do...

A number of people seem to suffer a deficiency of consciousness (or personality defects such as narcissism, psychopathy and other over-active passive-aggressive traits). Yes, the extreme levels of political correctness favour their creeping up, but millennia of severe repression didn’t help either.

Nowadays, the golden age of behavioural science (and CBT) still hasn’t lived up to its promises and delivered on untying our tangled selves up into unity and wholeness. Thankfully, new approaches such as Sanomentology, RPET (Rapid Pain Elimination Technique) and FreeSPA (Freedom of Substances, Processes and Addictions) deliver results with a handful of sessions over a few weeks. For the first time in forever, there is actual hope and concrete results... which contradict the established order of the medical field. That’s where your individuality and beliefs come into play.

Yes, you can shift a number of beliefs around; there is a limit though as your environment contributes to some of your values, but not all of them. Throughout your life, you have tried different options to get new outcomes– and the results may or may not have differed from your expectations.

The layer that very few people talk about is the temperament, and how there is little room for manoeuvre there. When the Oracles said Know Yourself (for your character is your destiny), they operated from a different perspective than we do – there’s a good reason why Greek myths are so potent and have been used by many influential therapists in various fields to represent the forces at play within the human psyche and depths of our inner conflicts.

So, if this post has resonated with You or You want to try out something different, reach out... Privacy, confidentiality and efficiency are the cornerstones the values I live and breathe. Want to find out more?

I wish you an awesome day and many insights blessing you at every corner you’ve ever felt stuck on.