3 Little Known Facts About Numerology Even Experts Don’t Know About

By Lydie Cerantola-Eid

March 21, 2021

50 years ago, numerology was timidly showing up here and there, in between rounds of colourful hairstyles, music and outfits. The scene was about to get hyped and go into overdrive with figures such as Napoleon Hill and Tony Robbins, respectively pushing on the self-help personal development area.

The power of colours, scents, and numbers progressively made their way into our weekly life as more and more people took an interest (dabbled, really) in the secret life of numbers and vibrations.

As numerological influences and descriptions found their way into the columns of alternative magazines, the field spread and appealed to more people who wanted to make sense of their life difficulties and were curious about their self-discovery.

Experts refer to numerology as a single field, but that is incorrect. There are 3 distinct branches that are at best very loosely related to the general idea of modern numerology:

  • Pythagorean: think white hair, long beard, and a wise old man teaching maths, playing music after classes - and you have a winner! The thing is Pythagorean numerology has different meanings since the mid-1900s than it did in ancient Greek times.

  • Chaldean: when 2500 year old Pythagorean numerology needs a tweak, bring in a more exotic brand from an ancient Biblical kingdom (roughly 800-500BC). Slap on an alternative system with a different take (only 8 numbers) that can’t be verified as genuinely stemming from that time and place.

  • Gematria: when both Greek and Chaldean (pre-Babylonian) have been exhausted, bring in the Hebrew twister with their take to revealing hidden information. Namely, you use a coding system with 27 letters to represent respectively 1-9, 10-90 & 100-900. You then need to add up numbers and the corresponding sum is the reference to a hidden word. Minor glitches: there a 2 gematria systems and one of them only goes to 500.

Depending on how much self-help or self-knowledge you're after, many systems will help - all of them providing a small glimpse of your many facets.

No matter how exotic or far-away back in time, they ultimately open up to more avenues to explore and discover the various parts of your Self which are all revealed through life experiences.

I hope this has been helpful!

And for the geek that is dormant in many of us, more information will be available in the upcoming ebook Expanded Numerology.

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