Ancient Magic Crystal deck

The seven-edged sword is an existing artifact from 4th century Japan that emboldens you with its strength.

The seven-edged sword’s events took place in fourth century Japan.

At that time, magic roamed the earth and mystical items would be given to a few chosen ones, to be handled carefully.

Magic power was inherited, controlled and invoked only by women.

A man who required such power for the exercise of his secular office was entirely dependent on a woman [usually his sister] for its acquisition. She dispensed power upon him as needed, only refilling it after it had been all used up.

Here is the converging point where the historical records begin:

In those days, empress-shamaness Jingu was often divinely possessed.

The seances needed the presence of her husband, emperor Emperor Chuai to play the ritual koto [cither], and the chief minister who was interrogating and recording the divine will in the ceremonial place.

Jingu uttered these instructions: “There is a land to the west. Gold and silver, as well as all sorts of eye-dazzling precious treasures, abound in this country. I will now give this country into your hands."

The emperor replied: “When one climbs to a high place and looks toward the west, no land is visible. There is only the ocean.”

Instead of thanking the deity for the council received, he committed a crime by stopping to play the cither and raising his voice, saying that this was a deceiving deity.

The deity, greatly enraged, cursed him: “You are not to rule this kingdom. Go straight in one direction!

The alarmed chief minister said: “This is a dreadful thing. My lord, continue to play the cither!”

Eventually, he drew the cither to him and began to play reluctantly - but after a while, the sound stopped.

When they raised the lights, they saw that he was dead. Astonished and frightened, they moved him to a mortuary.

Great offerings were assembled throughout the land; and a thorough search was made for impure acts and sins such as breaking down the ridges, covering up the ditches, defecation, incest, and sexual relations with horses, cows, chickens, and dogs; then a the purification rite dkarae [great exorcism] of the entire land was held.

After seven days, Jingu went to the ceremonial place in order to seek the divine will again.

The instructions given then were exactly as those given previously.

When asked if this was all, the deity said: “This land is the land to be ruled by the child who is inside your womb.”

[to be continued]