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lydie cerantola-eid

Lydie Cerantola-Eid wasn’t born in good health and has been a chronic pain sufferer most of her life.

With medical specialists offering little help, she eventually became the alternative health expert she had been looking for. Her qualifications include hypnotherapy, NLP, Sanomentology, Forensic Healing & massage therapy.

Since her teenage years, her flawed relationship to Tarot had been going strong. After studying the origins of Tarot, going back to the 15th century and before, she realized the way the cards were used and read had changed a lot over the centuries. So, she set about designing her own deck of cards to offer people spiritual guidance and clarity, based on Hermetic knowledge.

Lydie created the Game Changer deck for clear short-term guidance to help her manage her mindset and perceptions during the downhill health episodes. Now she is making it available to the world.

Hermetics Painting


Hermetic knowledge goes way, way back into deep and ancient traditions. Their observations are so accurate that modern science has tried to bury them as antiquated – but don’t let that fool you for a minute or more!

Hermetics is the cross-road between philosophy, psychology, spirituality and esoteric sciences to explore the UNI-verse and yourself as a whole; it encapsulates personal development and gives you the detailed answers to questions you couldn’t formulate, thus had no answer to.

the game changer card deck cover by lydie cerantola-eid

How does the game changer work?

The Game Changer is a powerful self-improvement tool that's designed to be specific and clear that decrypts the energies of of your date of birth.

It uses planets & signs but It's not astrology as you know it. The planets positions create energetic currents that are responsible for the energetic themes that drive our decisions, make us who we are and influence our lives.

lydie cerantola-eid thegamechangerhelp

Why self-improvement?

Because you feeling miserable means other people’s values are better or stronger than yours and thus they deserve to win. Do you agree to giving up on YOUR life (your dreams, your hopes and aspirations)?

I don’t think so, and neither do you deep down… So, there IS hope - make it count! And if you have had enough of struggling by yourself, just reach out!